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The area of South Fulton, Georgia, has played a major role in the life of Marcus Coleman, preparing him for his life's journey.  Marcus has been an advocate for numerous initiatives highlighting the plight of the misrepresented, overlooked and unfortunate, individuals in society. His dedication and work has gained national and international recognition. His work also has been featured on several national television shows to include " The Doctors", "20/20", and "Inside Edition". In 2013 Marcus became the Founder and CEO of Save Our Selves  (SOS), a group with four major focal points; prison reform, youth mentorship, homelessness, and elderly outreach. The SOS annual free legal clinic is an event helping hundreds in the community access assistance in any are of law. He is also the founder and former president of Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network (NAN) Atlanta, earning chapter president of the year award in 2007. Mr. Coleman is responsible for the acquisition of the Southeast Regional Headquarters of National Action Network in October of 2007 located in the Historic West End District in Atlanta, Georgia.  In 2012, Mr. Coleman engineered a monumental event in Atlanta by honoring living legends of the civil rights movement.  Honorees included Rev. Dr. Gerald L. Durley, Mr. Joe Beasley, Dr. Amelia Boynton – Robinson, Rev. C.T. Vivian and Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery.


In November 2007, Marcus was recognized as one of the nation's most fiery young leaders in CNN special report with journalist Don Lemon. Genarlow Wilson, Ariston Waiters, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Kendrick Johnson, Marlon Brown, and Bounkham Phonesavahn a.k.a. “Baby Bou Bou”, are just a few families that Marcus has had the honor to serve.  Recently, Marcus was named activist of the year for 2015 by Community Advocates in Action, received an award from the Secretary of State as an Outstanding Georgia Citizen, and was recognized by "Let Us Make Man" with a Community Service Award.


As a five year youth football head coach, Coach Coleman is able to take a hands on approach when reaching the younger generations by instilling the importance of teamwork, dedication, and strategy. As it relates to unincorporated Fulton County, Marcus spearheaded the Greystone Power Company Initiative (GPCI), which ultimately led to Greystone Power Company having to conduct a massive tree-trimming task, clearing all branches in the easements for a number of improvement projects. Plans to build a five million dollar sub-power station are also in the works. Thousands of residents were able to maintain consistent power in their homes from this effort.


In November 2016, Marcus was selected to participate in an interview with leaders across the country by Story Corps, discussing the legacy of President Barack Obama. These conversations are for an exhibit paying tribute to the first United States African American President. This historical project will be archived in the Library of Congress, as well as in the Obama Foundation.


As father of two boys, husband, activist, and entrepreneur, Marcus plans to impact the lives of families by assisting those who are in need throughout the country. Marcus Coleman's motto is "Balancing the Scale of Justice", which he vigorously applies day to day.

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